Get To Know Our Team

Since 1990, Bob Owens recognized that our team is our most valuable resource and created a culture rooted in shared values, employee empowerment, and quality service. We are proud to be a team that continues to exceed client expectations and meet business goals. The Owens Leadership Team is comprised of individuals who are experts at what they do. Our diversified business model positions us to benefit from a team of industry thought leaders to continue to provide value to our clients.

Robert Owens

President and CEO

Anne Millians-Roche

President, Brokerage

Raymond Suerth

Chief Financial Officer

Suzanne Black

Executive Vice President

Randall Ziegler

Executive Vice President

Isabelle Owens

Vice President
Global Communications
& Marketing

Scott Poore

Senior Business Development Executive

Limarys Velez

Vice President
Janitorial Operations

Lila Owens

Vice President
Fiscal Controls

Trish Morales

Vice President
Human Resources & Recruitment

Michael Rivera

Vice President
Safety & Risk Management