Preventative Maintenance is a systematic approach to building operations aimed at preventing mechanical equipment failures before they occur. Our Team of Facility Managers set out to accomplish this goal through routine inspections, regularly scheduled maintenance, and repairs on assets to ensure they work as the manufacturer intended. Functional equipment allows our team members to focus less on reactive maintenance solutions and more on time-sensitive work orders as well as identifying and implementing operational efficiencies. Through routine inspections, optimizations, and repairs, our Team diminishes excess depreciation, prevents untimely critical equipment failures, affects cost savings through extended equipment lifecycles, and prepares and limits future operational challenges. Our Team understands that reactive maintenance is both costly and dangerous. With a continued emphasis on safety, we train our Team to identify current and potential hazards to safeguard the building environment and security for building owners, tenants, and visitors.

Owens Realty Services' Team of Engineers works with your Team to streamline operations tailored for your facility and business goals. Our clients are confident in our ability to deliver safe, clean, and energy-efficient buildings through innovation and continuous improvement to maximize asset value. Owens' high-performance facilities see continual improvements in cost savings as well as customer and tenant satisfaction. We analyze your unique facility conditions and operations, build a program that conserves energy, lowers your risks and overhead costs, and reduces administrative and subcontractor labor demands.

HVAC Technician


Our Team offers customized heating, air conditioning, and ventilation solutions to improve operating costs and building performance. As facilities age, we recognize that costly deferred maintenance issues or the increased complexity of new systems, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, and piping constitute a significant source of expenditure. Our dedicated professionals have the knowledge and expertise to protect your assets, reduce capital expenditures, and achieve energy savings. We provide commercial heating and cooling services to keep your systems running efficiently and safely, so you can focus on business operations.

Energy Solutions


Our Team of energy experts implement operational efficiencies to enhance building performance while reducing operating costs throughout our portfolio. We help our clients identify long-term solutions tailored to each facility to benefit the environment as well as their bottom line. Through facility assessment, detailed analysis, and continued monitoring, we guarantee a safe and sustainable work environment. With experience in LEED certification, ENERGY STAR® benchmarking, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), as well as grant or rebate incentives, Owens can help you qualify and earn credit for your energy achievements. Allow our Technical Team to help you meet your sustainability goals and drive profitability.


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