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Owens Realty Capital is a privately held, commercial real estate investment firm based in Orlando, Florida. Our experienced team assist clients in the critical decision making and due diligence involved when considering the viability of a real estate investment. Owens Realty Capital judges the viability of potential acquisitions based on stringent benchmarks as well as the individual goals of our clients. Asset class, market location, tenant stability, capital commitment, functionality as well as short and long-term operational capabilities are carefully considered. We understand that the best market locations deliver optimal long term performance and attracts the strongest tenants. Owens targets the best properties in a market and enhances returns by leveraging their broad knowledge in operational efficiencies.

Owens develops comprehensive acquisition and investment plans to engage a sound asset management plan ensuring the success of each investment. If available, Owens Realty Capital works closely with local and state decision makers in order to obtain tax credits and redevelopment funds in order to increase value. By partnering with their vertically integrated asset management company, Owens guarantees the highest level of industry expertise at every touch point. From sourcing and acquisition, to dynamic marketing solutions and sound asset management planning, Owens ensures that each investment provides sound returns protected far into the future.



Palmer Vietor

Vice President
Investments and Acquisitions