Donna hEadshot Test

Congratulations to Donna Andrade for being featured as our Team Member of the Month! Donna joined the team 15 years ago as the Assistant Facility Manager for an educational portfolio in Greater Hartford, Connecticut. She quickly showed her commitment to the team and was promoted only a year later to Facility Manager. Today, Donna oversees over 150 Owens team members and a portfolio of over 25 schools and 1 million square feet! Over the years, she has led many projects exceeding $10 million, including building renovations, new playground surfaces and equipment, parking lot resurfacing, HVAC systems, and interior design projects.

"She is a dedicated employee, an effective leader, and a valued member of the Facility Team. Keeping all the balls in the air and balancing the competing needs of this portfolio is not an easy feat, but it is one that Donna does very effectively." -Sue Black, Executive Vice President, Property & Facility Management. 

Donna is detail-oriented and maintains the physical and mechanical plants of the large-scale magnet school portfolio, with Owens' pillars of safety, integrity, innovation, and productivity at the heart of the operation. Under our most recent contract extension, Donna has seen her portfolio double, allowing her to expand her leadership skills and implement new best practices to streamline operations. She creates a positive and team-oriented culture to establish a team of long-term employees. Some of her team members have been with us for over 15 years! We are honored to work alongside you! Thank you, Donna, for your continued commitment.