ORLANDO, FL | January 1, 2021

Quality Service Standards-01-01

Owens Realty Services launches new Quality Service Awards! These honors will be awarded on the spot to all team members delivering exceptional service and excelling in one or more of the following Owens core values: Safety, Integrity, Innovation, Productivity.

Our vision is for each team member at Owens to understand and believe in the power of quality service. These awards celebrate team members acting with intention to foster a service-minded environment from the customer's first touchpoint to field operations. By embodying Owens' quality service standards, we create an emotional connection with our clients to ensure success at the site level and continued growth through retention, testimonials, and client recommendations.

Each pillar of Owens' quality service standards corresponds with defined behaviors so that service can be consistently and exceptionally delivered. Join us as we celebrate and recognize team members consistently delivering Owens' Excellence through our new Quality Service Awards!

Additionally, Owens' new Service Award pays tribute to team members for their company loyalty and dedication to their role. Each receiving team member celebrates their milestone years of service including 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, and 20 years.

To kick off our awards, we celebrated 143 team members achieving Service Awards. Notably, Sue Black, Executive Vice President, celebrated 20 years of Service with Owens Realty Services. Thank you all for your continued commitment to our team.