ORLANDO, FL | January 17, 2022

Owens Realty Services understands that the value of every facility depends on overall operational performance. Integrated Facility Management consolidates all facility efforts under a single outsourced solution. This includes maintenance and service contracts, vendor partnerships, financial management, and capital planning. A unified approach to facility services drives consistency, organization, and shared business goals. 

By closing the gaps in facility services, your team can focus on your business goals as our qualified experts protect and manage your assets. Our Team will oversee and coordinate services to deliver consistent quality, improve efficiency, and understand all facets of your unique facility through enhanced visibility and analysis. A comprehensive understanding of your facility will make it easy for Owens to identify inefficiencies to affect cost savings, implement new technology, schedule preventative maintenance, oversee work orders, support long-term capital planning, and improve the overall building environment. 

Integrated facility management aims to ensure your facility meets government and industry regulations and standards, guarantee building safety, and safeguard your investment. By leveraging our Team, you can also reduce oversight and increase access to innovation and best practices. A single-source solution streamlines communication and decision-making between business leaders to simplify your facility management. 

Contact us today to see if Integrated Facility Management is right for you and your business goals.

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